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Dr. Kellee Reed

Dr. Kellee Reed has been practicing Emergency Medicine for 12 years and is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine.  She has practiced Emergency Medicine at Park City Hospital for the past 8 years and realized her unique perspective on medicine is something she can bring to her patients.  Seeing how there is more to medicine than the disease-based model that she sees as current practice out there, she wants to bring cutting edge modern medicine to optimize heath, cognition and performance and also to bring a more holistic approach hopefully keep people out of the Emergency Room for medical reasons.

She has trained under Dr. Craig Koniver, a leader in Performance Medicine and founder of Koniver Wellness. Utilizing his vast knowledge in Performance Protocols and products like his Brain Refuel and FastVitamin IV, his expertise is truly the Future of Modern Medicine.

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Dr. Koniver

Craig Koniver, MD

The founder of Koniver Wellness has been practicing Performance Medicine for over 18 years. Not satisfied with the disease-based model of modern medicine, Dr. Koniver seeks to help his clients optimize their health and performance through time-tested, nutrient and science driven protocols that are the cutting-edge of medicine. Learn more here.

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